We know that long-term success is built in partnership with the communities we live and work in; from the environment and the people who work at A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD, to the doctors and patients that use our products, we’re proud to take our commitments seriously. A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD has recently published its fifth annual Group “Quality of Life” Report which provides a description of A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD progress in creating a more sustainable business across six distinct areas.

Quality of Life for Our Patients

Our commitment to the quality of life of our patients has remained constant throughout the years and it is at the forefront of our activity. A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD is focused on developing the highest quality oncology products to help lift the burden of cancer for patients. We collaborate with a number of leading biopharma and research partners in order to deliver highly efficient therapies to as many patients as possible.

Quality of Life for Our People

A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD strives to provide a stimulating and enjoyable work environment where our employees can thrive. Due to the expansion of our business both geographically and operationally we have been growing substantially over the last few years, and we had over 700 employees at the end of 2020. A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD efforts to provide staff with regular and external training as well as our emphasis on providing a safe and healthy work environment are all contributing factors to our high staff retention.

Quality of Life for Our Communities

As a good corporate citizen, we want to expand our impact beyond our business and support the advancement of our local communities. We participate in a variety of activities ranging from sports to education, to cultural events and charitable initiatives. Ongoing partnerships exist with the following organizations: Fondazione Gabriele e Anna Braglia, Foundation New Flower in Africa, Tavolino Magico, Greenhope, Compagnia Finzi Pasca and Biobank Ireland Trust, amongst others.

Quality of Life for Our Environment

A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD continued to improve its environmental performance in 2020, driven by the aim to become Carbon Neutral throughout the Group’s operations. We upgraded the analysis of our environmental impacts by measuring the total carbon footprint of our operations through an assessment of the entire value chain emissions (Scope 1, 2, 3). Overall, we have substantially improved our CO2 environmental impact and have put in place stringent measures to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations with the share of energy coming from renewable sources now reaching 63%.

Acting Responsibly

A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD is committed to ethical, social, and environmental responsibility. In 2020 we took action and reviewed and updated the A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD Code of Conduct and published the new Compliance and Quality Manual, made available to all our employees. A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD has also established and maintains an effective Compliance Program, developed in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD Policies and industry codes, in order to promote a culture of quality and regulatory compliance.

Economic Value Creation

The financial principles that govern A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD guarantee that we remain economically stable, independent, and flexible. As the Group evolves from a purely cancer supportive care company and expands into the field of cancer therapeutics we have been investing heavily in R&D, with more than 20% of turnover invested over the past five years. We also aim to generate profits in order to redistribute a lot of the value we create back into our employees, our suppliers, governments, our shareholders and charitable contributions.