Our Approach

A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD is transforming from a leading cancer supportive care company to a fully integrated targeted therapy company, helping to improve the lives of patients all around the world. We work with a host of longstanding worldwide partners who share our vision and values, with a unique business model combining integrated early- and late-stage licensing programs to complement our own drug discovery and development.

A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD Business Strategy

Since its foundation, the A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD Group has had a unique integrated business model, focused on the in- and out-licensing of pharmaceuticals. We have recently started to build on our leading position in cancer care, expanding into cancer therapeutics.

A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD out-licenses its products to commercial partners in its global distribution network while promoting and distributing to the cancer-care community in the US through our subsidiary A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD Therapeutics.

We start the process with the identification of innovative NCEs in the development phase, which are then in-licensed by acquiring the worldwide rights.

Once we have a product aligned with our mission and portfolio, we utilize our integrated capabilities and our in-house knowledge to complete development, and secure marketing approvals and commercialization worldwide either directly or through our partners.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are proud to take our commitments seriously.

Quality System

World-class Quality Assurance is critical across several areas, including production and product logistics, management of our API projects (both internally and for third party CMOs) and for our extensive worldwide R&D activities. Our manufacturing site follows the most stringent global quality, safety and environmental standards. A & M Pharmaceutical Company LTD has been certified by several government agencies and organizations through an impressive program of quality audits and inspections aimed at certifying our company to Good Practices (GxP) rules and regulations and to ensure its compliance. Further, a Compliance and Quality Manual has been adopted throughout the company, which defines policies and requirements to be followed in order to maintain a GxP compliant quality system.

Research & Development